50 Year old Photo Albums and Breathtaking Portraits

The Importance of Printing Photos and Cherishing Memories

Without failure, at least once a year, my wife and her mom and sisters pull out about 20 photo albums from the living room cabinet. Their whole childhoods were documented. In fact, each sister has their own photo album, dedicated to themselves, put together by their great grandmother. There are albums containing family photos that must be 50 years old. There are some completely filled with family vacations, birthdays, holidays, or just any random day that a family member wanted to catch some memories. My wife will pass over a photo to her mom, asking who that lady is next to her great grandmother. They will all bust out in laughter looking at old embarrassing images of them sitting on the toilet, or stomach down in the bathtub with a dinosaur sticker covering their rear-ends because their great grand-daddy didn’t want anyone seeing his girls behinds. Does this even happen anymore? Real, printed, documented photos? It seems to me that everything nowadays is posted to social media, or shared through a drop box or cloud of some sort.

Just this Christmas, 8 days ago, we were at my Father in Laws house and had just finished opening gifts. I can’t remember what brought the conversation up - but my FIL started talking about a portrait of his Grandmother that he would like to hang somewhere in the house. I told him I’d love to see it. He brings out the most beautiful and timeless portrait that has been framed in solid wood with an acrylic dome. She’s breathtaking. He goes on to tell us that the portrait was fought over by family members. They knew the importance of having that heirloom portrait. It meant something to them. It means something to my FIL. He knows that this is the ONLY image of his grandmother that he will ever own.

This Last year FLEW by for me and my family. With new jobs, BIG decisions, preparing our almost 5 year old daughter for Kindergarten, and putting our house on the market, it seems like one big blur. One thing remains the same though. Year after year. Technology and its ever evolving links to everything we do on a daily basis. We live in such a technology driven society that amazes and scares me at the same time. I can only imagine the things that will come to light this year. As a photographer though, it’s sort of a catch twenty-two. While I can extend my reach to more people and share my art more easily, my true meaning of art in photography seems to get lost sometimes the life of the internet and social media.

In 2019, I want to bring the importance of printing portraits, family photos — memories caught in time. Memories to touch and hang in your home in the wall. To see every day when you walk down the hallway, or glance over your fireplace mantle. Or to have in photo albums to pull put once or twice a year and reminisce. As a society, we get lost in the technology and the ease of sharing photos with family and friends (some of which we have never even met before). I want that to be different for not only my family, but for the families that trust me to capture their moments. I want to build something for our kids, and grand kids, and GREAT grand kids to have a cherish forever.