Personal Brand Headshots - Brian Vangeem

Personal Brand Headshots

While headshots for actors and models have been used for, who knows how long, there is a recent uprise in the need for Personal Brand Headshot photography for all types of entrepreneurs. In this post you will see that while we focused solely on these headshots for an Actor, the same images can also be used for a multitude of business needs. 

The art of headshot photography and the different uses/needs for them should be saved for its own post entirely. But I will say this. With the increasing amount of online influencers and business people wanting to show who they are, what they stand for, and wanting the viewer to relate, the lines have certainly blurred between actor, model, and online entrepreneur. 

Basically...EXIT - unemotional corporate headshots and ENTER - Personal Brand Headshots. 

SO, with all of that said, lets get to the real topic at hand!

Who is Brian Vangeem?

When you think of how busy your life must be, just think about having 4 different jobs that will call on you at any moment, This is the life that this multitalented man is leading. Not to mention being a wonderful husband and father to his family. 

I have personally known Brian and had the opportunity to work with him in many different facets of the entertainment and photography industry for over 20 years. I can tell you all of the usual BS like, he is a hard worker, he is creative, he is a super nice guy...while all of those things are completely true, in his regard they are a complete understatement and would only serve as disservice to try and explain him in that manner. 

Brian's talent comes from DEEP within. It comes from a place in his heart and soul that very few people have the ability to dig deep enough to ever find. For those that do find it, most will not work as hard as he has to achieve what they can with what they have found. Fear of failure is something that plagues everyone, but even more so the creative people. Somehow, this fear has seemed to escape Brian Vangeem. 

Which brings me to my next topic...This dude does EVERYTHING!


Basically, Everything!

Brian Vangeem is a powerhouse of talent! He has his hands in many different aspects of the creative and entertainment industry which comes from over 2 decades of extremely hard work and dedication. 

Diversification on Point! 

Much like the needs for a headshot, diversification is not a new term or idea, but is certainly a term that is growing in popularity throughout the online business community.  

Which is no surprise to me that while everyone is talking about how to diversify your business', mutual funds, selling platforms, etc. 

Brian Vangeem is just doing it! This is where Personal Brand Headshots will transcend the lines of Actor and business man. 

You see, not only is Brian an actor but he is also a musician, movie and event producer, and talent agent. Talk about having your hands full!

Speaking of having your hands full...Like I said before I have known and worked with Brian for many years and I will say that he is the best Pianist I have ever personally known. 

See for your self right here!


Follow Brian Vangeem

Now, if you are wondering where you are going to see Brian or where you may be able to work with him, fear not! I have those answers as well. 

First of all, as any professional in the film industry you can find him on his IMDB page which will provide you with even more information than I have shared by clicking here

Like I said before though, he has his hands full. He is currently represented as an actor by The Wayne Agency. He will be making appearances in “All Star Weekend”, “Kook”, and the independent documentary, “Think: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich.”. If you are interested in booking Brian Vangeem as an actor click the link above to contact his talent agent. 

Last, but certainly not least, Brian is also the owner and operator of Conquest Productions LLC which is a production studio and marketing firm that represents top name brands across the nation, including Chevrolet, McDonalds, Corona, and E & J Gallo wines.


As you can See...

Brian Vangeem is a very talented individual with his head in the game, pun very much intended.

His Personal Brand Headshots will work for him in all facets of his career. 

I am very personally excited to see where this road takes him and hope that you are too!

Thank you so much for taking the time read this post on Brian Vangeem's Personal Brand Headshots. I certainly appreciate your time and we look forward to any questions or comments!

Jeremy Klae