Welcome to KLAE Photography and Congratulations on the once in a lifetime opportunity of being a High School Graduate. I am so happy that you are here right now and I hope you are too. Not only have you stumbled upon our Senior Model Program but you have stumbled upon our FIRST OFFICIAL Senior Model Program. It all starts with you!

The KLAE Photography Class of 2019 Senior Models are going to set the bar for years to come.

I hope you are ready for us, because we are ready for you!

And here is why!


Being a part of the first Official KLAE Photography Senior Model Program will certainly have its benefits. Not that I will ever produce less than the best, but with you, I will be going above and beyond. You will be the benchmark for which the KLAE photography team will be held from this day forth and its going to be EPIC!


As one of our Class of 2019 Senior Models you come first. Not only will your sessions be scheduled first but there are so many perks to being a part of this program its not even funny (more on that below).

You are going to be the face of our brand, our product, and our image. Trust me, we as a team hold that very highly as we do your image. You will become a part of our team as a KLAE Photography Senior Model and together we will create the most jaw dropping images to ever hit the senior portrait market.

We hope that you want that just as much as we do.

With all of that said, please don’t feel any pressure. We are here for you. To help you look and most of all, feel the best that you ever have. We will be here to guide you through styling, posing, make-up, and hair. You name it, we are on it.

This will be a piece of cake for you!


We are looking for that Girl or Guy that knows who they are and who they plan to become. The ideal KLAE Photography Class of 2019 Senior Models will be those that get along with everyone and are open to creativity and every ones differences. Someone who is friendly, outgoing, involved in school including extra curricular activities. Our choices will also include those involved in out of school activities such as musical artists, dancers, gymnasts, etc.


We really do not ask for much.

We require that:

Your Parent/Guardian consent upfront to you being a part of our Class of 2019 Senior Models which includes the retainer fee of our KLAE Photography Collections to be paid either upfront or during the Senior Model meeting in March 2018. The remainder will be due during your Full Senior Portrait Session in the Fall of 2018.

You and your Parent/Guardian only recommend, represent, refer, and use KLAE Photography for your Senior portraits beginning March 2018 through the remainder of your High School Senior Year.

You will tag KLAE Photography in all Social Media posts with the images provided by us to you for Social Media Sharing.

You will Like and Share the KLAE Photography Page through your Social Media networks.

KLAE Photography will be allowed to use your images in all Social Media and Print Advertising.

KLAE Photography will be able to tag you and your parents in all Social Media posts including your images.

You will participate in at least one group photo shoot throughout the year with the other selected Class Of 2019 Senior Models.

You will not hesitate to participate in the charity that will be announced during the March Senior Model Meeting.

(This will not be a financial donation but donating time as a group.)


Okay… Here comes the best part! I hope that you are ready for this. I’m sure that you are if you have read this far!

We are going to give you all sorts of great stuff!

Lets start with what I know you all love…MONEY!

For every Senior Portrait Session that is Scheduled and Completed by someone that you have referred you will earn 10% of that Session Fee.

That Means:

The Minimalist Collection: $37.50

The AthElite Collection: $45.00

The Elite Collection: $77.50

The Senior Model with more than 2 scheduled and completed referral sessions will be gifted a $50 gift card to their favorite store or restaurant.

The Senior Model with the most scheduled and completed referral sessions (more than two) will be gifted a $100 gift card to their favorite store and a $50 Gift Card to their favorite restaurant.

You will receive a mini session April 2018 on location. These professionally edited and stylized images will be included at full resolution with your Final senior portraits but will be used during Spring and summer to share via Social Media.

You will be included in at least one conceptual group shoot created by the Class of 2019 Senior Models and the KLAE Photography staff.

You will have a personalized App of your own photos to share with family and friends.

We will be participating in at least one non monetary charity in the year of 2018. This will be announced at the March Model Meeting.

We will also be throwing a KLAE Photography Class of 2019 Senior Models party in the late fall of 2018.

NOW, I am so happy that you have made it this far!

We are going to make this very easy for you!

Without divulging too many details we will be holding an event. Anyone that places your name on the “referred by” line during this event will be your referral should they complete their senior portraits with KLAE Photography.

This event will be free and fun for all!


I hope that we are exactly what you are looking for.

This will be an extraordinary experience!

If you agree with all the above, simply click below to apply.

If you or your parents have additional questions you can certainly contact us and we will get back to within 24 hours of your message.